Founder and CEO, Sucheta Kamath, is excited to announce the launch of ExQ®, a cloud-based patented system designed to enhance the brain’s Executive Function through personalized game-based training that focuses on teaching students to learn how to learn.

ExQ’s innovative and research-informed methodology is developed to train a set of mental skills that enhance focus, organization, planning, remembering to remember, problem-solving, and mental flexibility through fun and challenging games, interactive virtual coaching that emphasizes learning from mistakes, and the M-E-T-A™ (Mindful Examination of Thinking and Awareness) process that centers around self-reflection.

What is ExQ®?

ExQ® uses innovative games that encapsulate more than 20 years of Kamath’s Executive Function training expertise. The ExQ methodology and curriculum offer a host of academic, social, and emotional learning benefits that are relevant and applicable to all facets of academic, athletic, artistic, and community endeavors.

ExQ® is a unique learning system that offers many training benefits.

  • Enables self-discovery and avoidance of obstacles in the learning process
  • Identifies and guides key actions to achieve learning to learn goals
  • Builds mental endurance against distractions to produce an orderly workflow
  • Makes the direct connection between short-term plans and big-picture thinking
  • Prompts thinking about thinking to develop heightened self-awareness
  • Encourages acceptance of performance errors by stressing self-reflection
  • Cultivates the skills required for self-directed learning
  • Promotes independence through self-advocacy and strategic thinking
  • Grows personal resilience, which is the building block of academic, emotional, and social well-being

ExQ® helps students achieve their personal best by making foundational skills stronger through learning how to learn, which includes cognitive skill-building, performance analysis, adaptive experiences, and self-awareness training. ExQ operates under a belief that the most prepared student is the one with the greatest self-knowledge and well-developed insight into strategic thinking.

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