Ep. 105: Natalie Wexler – The Knowledge Gap Kids

Ep. 105: Natalie Wexler – The Knowledge Gap Kids

What do extinct dinosaurs, shrinking planet Mercury, pygmies from Africa, Mesopotamian pottery, Roman bath houses, and the COVID-19 virus have in common? These are topics that once children know about, can build their knowledge of the world and expand their world view. Considering that in modern America, education is the best hope in minimizing the effects of inequity, we are better off exposing children to expansive topics, stories, ideas, and concepts that can frame successfully their innate curiosity and build early childhood learning readiness.
On today’s podcast, Natalie Wexler, journalist and author of the book, The Knowledge Gap: The Hidden Cause of America’s Broken Education System—and How to Fix It, shares why a comprehension problem in reality is a knowledge problem. Even though it’s well intended, she believes that the universal approach of focusing on comprehension to improve reading skills may fail to form essential knowledge. Her research emphasizes that the surprise benefit of a content rich curriculum is such that it provides an opportunity to all learners to discover something they didn’t know they were even interested in and shape them into engaged and self-driven students.

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Listen to @natwexler and @SuchetaKamath on @FullPreFrontal #Podcast as they discuss the importance of nourishing a child’s natural curiosity about the world. Click To Tweet @SuchetaKamath's guest on @FullPreFrontal, @natwexler says if we start giving kids access to the information they actually crave, it will be good for them & we will see an explosion of potential that has remained hidden. Click To Tweet Listen to @natwexler and @SuchetaKamath on the @FullPreFrontal #Podcast as they dive into why a comprehension problem in reality is a knowledge problem. Click To Tweet



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