Episode 28: Educrystal Ball

Episode 28: Educrystal Ball

Taking care of children by feeding them, protecting them, and loving them is not the same as preparing them for their future. American education has been through an evolutionary process; which is just a few centuries old and the quest is yet to be fulfilled. We forget, a century ago, attending school past age 12 was not mandatory, the classrooms were often filled with 50-60 kids of varying ages and demanding kids to recite and regurgitate facts was a standard practice. Forecasting the needs of tomorrow continues to be an enigma in spite of the rapidly evolving information technology age and serving the needs of all types of learners continues to be as opaque as ever. Today, my guest, Dr. Sam Goldstein, a clinical neuropsychologist, will discuss how to rethink educating self-sufficient students with Executive Function at the heart of learning.

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Students trained in #ExecutiveFunction acknowledge their mistakes, try to rectify them and know that there is more than one right way to do things @SamGoldstein #FullPreFrontal Click To Tweet Is your school and its curriculum helping students develop tools to evaluate their learning products as well as classroom behaviors or just work completion & work accuracy? #FullPreFrontal Click To Tweet Let’s talk about “how do we teach students to manage their learning goals & personal goal-directedness”? @SamGoldstein #FullPreFrontal Click To Tweet


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Sucheta Kamath
Executive Function Specialist at Cerebral Matters
Sucheta Kamath, founder of private practice (Cerebral Matters®), is an expert in brain training & Executive Function development. She is a TEDx speaker and a recent graduate of the Leadership Atlanta class of 2015. Sucheta will be launching ExQ®, an educational software company that offers accessible, web-based learning management tools for all in Fall of 2019.

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  1. I tried to dins Sam’s tedx talk on app, but he is not there as speaker. Maybe that’s the problem it didn’t become viral. Please share this with him.

    I’m listening to all episodes from the first one, although my kids are 20, 27 and 30, but it is still amazing to me, to learn more about executive function. Thank you!

    I was raising them in different time, with much more time for family life and I spent many hours reading, playing and answering their questions. They have very well developed executive function and I believe that is also due to very strict house rules.

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