Episode 49: Calling For A Charismatic Adult

Episode 49: Calling For A Charismatic Adult

Roberto Benigni’s critically acclaimed role in the movie Life is Beautiful, which earned him an Oscar, poignantly illustrates what a caring, charismatic adult does to shield a young boy from the horrors of captivity in a concentration camp as they were thrown into the atrocities of war. With his resilient ways, Guido Orefice, the father in this movie, interacts reassuringly with his son and helps him gain a sense of control over his life in the midst of chaos. The question then arises: Are all adults inherently equipped to cast a positive influence on a child? When polled, American adults always indicate their genuine concern for the budding American youth; however, children of misfortune are often stamped from the beginning with heavy odds weighing against their wholesome development. Researchers agree that the consistent factor that tips the scale in a child’s favor is a caring and influential adult.

On today’s podcast, psychologist and prolific author, Dr. Robert Brooks, whose expertise includes resiliency, motivation, and parenting, talks about the role of a charismatic adult in developing well-adjusted children.

About Robert Brooks, Ph.D.


Would a child in your life describe you to be the most charismatic adult that they have met? Listen to @SuchetaKamath’s interview with @drrobertbrooks on #FullPreFrontal Click To Tweet Resilient mind has a great sense of personal control; particularly in challenging situations/crisis which leads to thinking about obstacles more clearly and optimistically. @SuchetaKamath interviews @drrobertbrooks on #FullPreFrontal Click To Tweet On #FullPreFrontal, @drrobertbrooks shares the idea that individuals with highly proficient #ExecutiveFunction are the most resilient which allows to shift adaptively and engage in innovative problem solving Click To Tweet



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