Episode 53: The Aging Brain’s Destiny

Episode 53: The Aging Brain’s Destiny

Even while leading a healthy mental and physical life, no one can be certain about the aging brain’s destiny. The stage of life marked by walkers, hearing aids, and memory lapses is averted by a few, but dreaded by all. Since Alzheimer’s Disease is one of the three leading causes of death in the elderly population, how to keep performing at the top of one’s game, even in old age, is of interest to many.

On today’s podcast, our guest, a Harriman Professor and Co-Director of the Neuroscience Research Institute at UCSB, and highly celebrated, award-winning research scientist, Kenneth S. Kosik, M.A. M.D., will speak on the topic of Alzheimer’s, aging, and age-related changes. Since age-related cognitive decline goes beyond just remembering and forgetting, it’s important to understand how it all relates to Executive Function and self-sufficiency.

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When discussing changes in cognition due to Alzheimer’s disease, one must distinguish between the crystallized intelligence and fluid cognitive domains. Listen to Dr. Ken Kosik @KosikLab on #FullPreFrontal with @SuchetaKamath Click To Tweet On #FullPreFrontal our guest is Dr. Ken Kosik @KosikLab who is co-author of Outsmarting Alzheimer’s Disease and The Alzheimer’s Solution (How Today’s Care is Failing Millions and How We Can Do Better) with @SuchetaKamath Click To Tweet The connectivity in the highly wired brain determines it’s agility. Listen to Dr. Ken Kosik @KosikLab on #FullPreFrontal with @SuchetaKamath Click To Tweet


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Sucheta Kamath
Executive Function Specialist at Cerebral Matters
Sucheta Kamath, founder of private practice (Cerebral Matters®), is an expert in brain training & Executive Function development. She is a TEDx speaker and a recent graduate of the Leadership Atlanta class of 2015. Sucheta will be launching ExQ®, an educational software company that offers accessible, web-based learning management tools for all in Fall of 2019.

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  1. Hi Sucheta, As usual, I learn a wealth of information from your podcasts. I’m so thanful you are able to bring us all of the insightful information for our expansion of knowledge. This particular podcast affected me strongly since I am currently 71 years of age. I’m still working even though I retired in 2014.. As you mentioned, aging is not a party! It is very sad how your body, mind and soul becomes overwhelmed with simply everyday tasks. I can only look at this process of aging as a blessing since many do not get the opportunity to turn to an “old” age.

    Keep sharing and making us better.

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