Episode 55: Memory Matters

Episode 55: Memory Matters

Rajveer Meena from India successfully recalled 70,000 decimal places of pi (π) and broke the previous Guinness World Record of reciting 67,890 digits of pi held by Lu Chao of China since 2005. By reading about such a feat of accomplishment, you can easily see the giant rift between “memory athletes” and ordinary citizens. However, memory is more of a skill than a gift which means everyone is capable of such an “athletic” feat.

On today’s podcast, our guest, a neuroscientist, author, blogger, and a frequent contributor to Psychology Today, William Klemm, Ph.D., speaks on the topic of memory, memory structure, and the relationship between memory, learning, and Executive Function.

About Professor W.R. Klemm


Sternberg in '99 said, 'Memory is the means by which we draw on our past experiences in order to use this information in the present.' Find out more about memory from W.R. Klemm @wrklemm #FullPreFrontal @SuchetaKamath Click To Tweet Is memory a true skill or a true gift? Linking #ExecutiveFunction and #memory with our guest W.R. Klemm @wrklemm @SuchetaKamath’s #FullPreFrontal Click To Tweet W.R. Klemm @wrklemm talks about five key elements to the memorization process on our #Podcast #FullPreFrontal @SuchetaKamath #ExecutiveFunction Click To Tweet



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