Episode 62: Experts Are Made, Not Born

Episode 62: Experts Are Made, Not Born

In 2018, John Legend became the 13th and the youngest winner of “EGOT” which stands for the big-four possible outstanding awards in the entertainment industry: Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony. An awe worthy accomplishment certainly points out the talent in John Legend, but is it cultivated? There are those who do things, those who do it well, and those who do it exceptionally well. An expert performer produces superior or exceptional performance without an exception. The journey to gain expertise however, is far from simply being effortful.

On today’s podcast, Professor Anders Ericsson, and co-author of the book Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise, will discuss how particular skill-sets and particular mindsets shapes the mastery of skills, which are attainable to all. At the heart of superior Executive Function is goal-directed actions and tolerance for discomfort and annoyances that interfere while building skills. So through focused effort to strengthen Executive Function, one can easily forge the path towards developing expertise.

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Who’s an expert? An expert can do something that others can’t; which is different from claiming to have expertise or being called an expert based on how well you do something. Listen to @SuchetaKamath’s interview with #AndersEricsson Click To Tweet To develop expertise, one must put in time where you’re trying to do something or trying to improve that particular skill with effort. Listen to @SuchetaKamath’s interview with #AndersEricsson on #FullPreFrontal Click To Tweet Gaining expertise is not easy. The process is long and the climb is steep. That’s why having a coach or a teacher is really helpful, says @AndersEricsson on #FullPreFrontal Click To Tweet




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Sucheta Kamath
Executive Function Specialist at Cerebral Matters
Sucheta Kamath, founder of private practice (Cerebral Matters®), is an expert in brain training & Executive Function development. She is a TEDx speaker and a recent graduate of the Leadership Atlanta class of 2015. Sucheta will be launching ExQ®, an educational software company that offers accessible, web-based learning management tools for all in Fall of 2019.

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